International Swedish-American wedding at the beautiful island of Ven, Sweden. The island is known for its yellow tandem bikes - and a happy couple found one laying around by the beach. Of course some portraits had to happen!


Destination Wedding photographer in Sweden – Elopement photographer

Malmö and Skåne – Sweden
Copenhagen – Denmark


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How do you want to invest in your memories?

Svartvitt foto på ett kärleksfullt brudpar i Malmö. Foto: Tove Lundquist, bröllopsfotograf Skåne.



I am the right wedding photographer if you:

‣ like to hug, laugh and show emotions
‣ want a photographer that focuses on telling the story
‣ prefer non traditional images
‣ like communication and transparency

I always shoot for the story.

Provfotografering inför bröllop på Österlen. Platsen är Västra hamnen i Malmö. Fotograf: Tove Lundquist.



Golden hour porträtt på brudpar under ett strandbröllop på Ystad Saltsjöbad i Skåne, brudparet var barfota. Brudklänning från bohemiska Abby Waits. Brudgummens kläder är Corneliani från Olséns Mode. Foto: Tove Lundquist.

my approach to wedding photography

Dokumentär bröllopsbild på gråtande brud under ett bröllop i Yngsjö samt Åhus i Skåne. Fotograf är Tove Lundquist, verksam bröllopsfotograf i hela Skåne.

intimacy. love. feelings.



When I like a song I tend to listen to it a couple of hundred times. My husband wishes that he could kick me out sometimes!

I´ve gotta live somewhere nearby the ocean, can´t live without it!

Love new places, cities, countries and cultures to explore.

I love to learn new things!

I love to educate myself - my journey to knowledge never ends. Photography and Antrophology has been my main disciplines through the years.

IN the water? Love it – as long as the water is warm. I am not one of those cool swedes that bathes in the ocean in the winter, ha ha!

Originally I´m from Umeå wich is in the north of Sweden, but I moved around a lot as a kid. I´ve actually managed to stay put in the same apartement here in Malmö for the last 12 years – a true miracle! ;)

…ONE of those times was to Guinea-Bissau in the ´80s. My home for 3 years and I loved every second of it! ♥



Brudpar Ashley och Christoffer Ljungbäck står framför Trolleholms slott i Skåne. Florist är Lilla Hult Blommor. Foto: Tove Lundquist, bröllopsfotograf Skåne.

“Tove is hands down the best. She takes her work very seriously, I think she is great with all types of people as well. She plays to her customers. I am out going and anti-lagom, she fit like a glove with me. But I saw her great with my Swedish husband. The pictures were worth every penny and I am going to be using here for my first born and family portraits in the years to come. Highly recommend!

I immediately fell in love. I loved the simplicity of your photos, the emotion and power they radiate and most importantly, the coloring. I think you keep your colors as real as possible which is my favorite."

- Ashley & Christoffer



I´m offering Elopements, Pre-wedding, Engagement sessions and Day after sessions as well, view my portfolio here.

Look through my portfolio for weddings and my portfolio for engagement photos to se if we are a fit! My style is natural regarding the colours and I also deliver a lot in black and white. Loooove B/W images!

I mainly shoot weddings in Malmö and the rest of Scania but I am up for weddings all around Sweden and the rest of the Scandinavia including Finland. I´d love to shoot more destination and international weddings in Denmark. Just e-mail me or fill in the questionnaire below and we´ll take it from there.

My area: I shoot mainly in Malmö but are available for shoots in Skåne, Sweden or Copenhagen, Denmark

The wedding packages includes

Porträtt på brudpar i solnedgången. Plats är Norrgavelhuset, Kafferosteriet på Österlen. Klänningen kommer från Garamaj of Sweden, kostym från Oscar Jacobsson. Foto: Tove Lundquist, verksam bröllopsfotograf Skåne.

MEETING through Skype, phone or IRL

DIGITAL FILES - high res and web size

GALLERY and a productshop

SLIDESHOW - easy to share to family and friends

ENGAGEMENT SESSION - I promise a whole lot of hugs and laughter!


Brudbukett. Bröllop i Blekinge.

Contract, invoice and guide

I will send an informative e-mail regarding GDPR, after that we sign the contract and the first invoice is payed.

Now the fun part starts! You will be getting my Planning Guide which is filled with tips, thoughts and ideas and lots of recommendations of other awesome wedding vendors. We will go through the Wedding Checklist so that we won´t miss any important shots on your wedding day. The fun Engagement Session gets booked, shot and images delivered - if you want to! Some couples want to wait until after the wedding to see them. The final invoice get payed.


Bröllop på Ven, brudens klänning kommer från DB Studio by David’s Bridal. Foto: Tove Lundquist.

Wedding day!

Wohooooo! The day is finally here!


Kanapéer från Örenäs Slott.

Delivery and closure

Within 2 days of the wedding I will send over a couple of Sneak Peek images and 2 weeks later you will be getting the link to your wedding day blog post. The images will be delivered through an awesome oneline gallery together with a fun and emotional slideshow.

Did you invest in a bigger package where an album is included? Now the fun part starts with design and cover choices. The album gets delivered and just like that! - the fun is over. I always strive to get better and your feedback is very valuable to me. I´d love to stay in touch! ♥


Mingel under ett bröllop på Ystad Saltsjöbad i Skåne. Foto: Tove Lundquist.

What´s next?

The cost?

How far ahead?

I am superexited to be a part of your journey and I promise to capture your story in the most relaxed and amazing way possible. Fill in the form and start this exciting adventure with me - the next chapter of your life!

Prices starts at 27.500 SEK for 5 hours of wedding photography. I am flexible and you can change the hours to your fitting.

I choose my couples carefully. As long as we click and have the same values it is first come, first served. ♥ I´ve open up bookings for 2023.

Produkter från QT Albums, vackra Matted Deckled Edge Prints. Foto: Tove Lundquist

Beautiful reminders of

Places we’ve been

And people we’ve loved


My own home is filled with memories in forms of prints and albums and they are so precious to me. Images of my grandmother and grandfather on their wedding day in the ´30s side by side with images of my parents wedding day in the ´70s. Me as a baby in my grandmothers warm arms in her kitchen, in the house I loved so much. Me side by side with my brothers on adventures that happened a long, long time ago. Images that tells the story of who we were at that point in our life. I can´t imagine my home without them.

This is what I want to offer my clients - a legacy that will preserve your memories for decades to come.

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